Here's 2 Life is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization formed in August 1999. Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions that address dis-ease, facilitate health education, and enable financial literacy by illuminating pathways to wealth and wellness. We achieve this mission via strategic alliances with our partners and sponsors to deliver educational programming and technical assistance.

Our portfolio includes PROJECT AHEAD™, MusicSenergy™ and SEPIA. Threads of human behavior theory are intricately woven into our core programming. We know that attitudes, beliefs and choices [ABCs] are the foundation for human behavior. Our ABCs determine what we experience - be it life-affirming wealth and wellness, or a life out of balance replete with dis-ease on many levels.

Our sponsors are agencies, businesses and corporations that deliver products and services to consumers in communities we serve. We support municipalities and others nonprofit organizations in shared efforts to maintain safe communities by offering after school programs that give youth and young adults opportunities to develop internal and external assests that minimize individual and community dis-ease. This includes collaborating with the public and private sector to create options that curb the inclination toward criminal activity, violence and other threat’s to the public's health.

In addition, we partner with academic institutions, businesses, corporations, government agencies, municipalties and other nonprofit organzations creating pathways to wealth and wellness through events, products and services that educate, enlighten and empower.  We help our partners and sponsors reach special populations and those most vulnerable among us including school-age youth, senior citizens, low-to-moderate income earners, racial and ethnic minorities.

Our  advisors, board of directors and staff work collaboratively as an inter-disciplinary team of artisans, educators, health/human service providers, media and financial services specialists. Highlights of our accomplishments and previous engagements illuminate how we achieve our mission.

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